Comic based in London, UK
and International Mr Leather 2003

This website is an archive of my time as International Mr Leather. It contains no pornography or nudity, but it does discuss adult themes. If you are logging on from work or likely to be offended you may wish to reconsider before going any further.

My guide to London's leather and bear scene has moved to

Poster of John wearing a suit, sat in a chair, looking very smart ... except that his trouser leg happens to be on fire. He doesn't seem worried at all. The title is John Pendal - How to Escape from Stuff, to advertise his 2017 solo comedy show
Poster by Alan Bingle/ forty6 design
I've been performing as a comedian since 2010. There's more information, including videos and my upcoming gig list, on my other website (which is safe for work) at

I have three solo comedy shows: International Man of Leather ... "How to Escape From Stuff" ... and "We Are Family" - available for booking by filling in the form at

Fri 16 to Sun 18 Feb - teaching workshops and performing "How to Escape From Stuff" at Lupercalia, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Sat 17 March - teaching 2 workshops at the LAM Country retreat in the New Forest, Hampshire.

Sun 8 April sometime between 2-6pm - previewing my new show "We Are Family" at the London Alternative Market, Revolution Bar 140 - 144 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 4QT

Thurs 26 to Sun 29 April - teaching workshops and performing comedy at Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Poster of John wearing a suit looking up and to his right hand side. The title is John Pendal - We Are Family, to advertise his 2018 solo comedy show
Photo Steve Ullathorne/ poster David Hardcastle

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