Life After IML - September 2004

John wearing a Stonewall t-shirt, August 2004
Doing a photoshoot for Stonewall, August 2004
Photo credit: Scott Nunn

I'm still looking for a new job - let's get that out of the way first. I filled my spare time in August with more voluntary work for Stonewall, a trip to the London Fetish Fair, Spanner Trust meetings, a night at SM Gays, and speed-walking Joe Gallagher (IML '96) on a quick shopping trip around London. I've also agreed to emcee Palm Springs Leather Pride (Nov 11 - 14) and Mr Chicago Leather (Jan 28 - 30 2005).

But what has my successor been up to? You know, Jason Hendrix from Washington DC - IML 2004 - my upgrade? Has he followed my advice and done a bad job to make you all nostalgic for me? Or has he tried to fulfil all his obligations while keeping his job (clever man) and without a partner to support him? On a warm night in September he stayed over in London on his way to Berlin. I filled our glasses with vodka and diet coke and made Jason answer the following questions:

You can see which events Jason is attending on the IML travel calendar.

Best wishes,

John Pendal
International Mr Leather 2003

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