Life After IML - April 2010

John wearing a leather vest, speaking into the microphone

Hosting the Mr Hoist contest
Photo credit: Dave Harris

I'm still unemployed so spent March keeping my spirits up by going to the Hoist, having a submission wrestling lesson and practising escapology (escaping from rope ties). I've also signed up for a stand-up comedy course in May and June, so that's keeping my mind occupied trying to write jokes for a non-leather audience and failing miserably. Oh well, the audience will just have to join me in my world!

Many of the fetish events I attend give out awards for community service/ lifetime achievement/ leather "Hall of Fame" and it seems that almost all of the awards are given to men. In an effort to redress the balance I've asked some of the women I know to supply their nominations for leather women who deserve recognition.


To avoid any controversy of claiming this is a list of "founding mothers" I've asked people to make personal recommendations of women who have been good mentors or leaders to them. No offence is implied by omission. If you'd like someone to be included please email me (leatherwomen @ Here are the nominations I received:

Have fun, look after yourselves and the people you play with.

Best wishes,

John Pendal
International Mr Leather 2003

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