The draw for my Harley Davidson (now closed)

John sitting on his Harley Davidson at the Leather Archives and Museum, February 2004
Sitting on my Harley Davidson at last, Feb '04.
There are a couple of organisations close to my heart this year: The Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M) in the US and the Spanner Trust in the UK.

The LA&M in Chicago is living proof that we are a more than a bunch of unconnected people dressing up in our favourite clothes to go drinking in bars. We are a COMMUNITY. We have a history and culture. We make stuff: books, artwork, magazines, badges, clothing, photographs, film, flags, educational materials, organisations, contests and events. The LA&M is where that history and culture can be preserved. The museum is currently located at 6418 N Greenview in Chicago and has been funded 100% by leatherfolk. In August 2004 they hope to make the final balloon payment and burn the paper the mortgage is written on. But to do that they need your financial assistance.

In December 1990 sixteen men in the United Kingdom were convicted for causing marks, bruises, cuts and other non-serious injuries in the course of sexual activity with other consenting adults. Some were sent to prison. The police investigation leading to their arrest was known as "Operation Spanner". The Spanner Trust was set up following the case to campaign for changes to U.K. law so that it is no longer illegal to intentionally cause non-serious injury during consensual adult sexual activity. But to do that the Spanner Trust needs money for research, legal assistance and political lobbying.

11th June 2004 - I asked people to make a $20 donation online to these organisations (split $10 each), in return for which they'd be entered into a free draw for my brand new, Harley Davidson 100th anniversary XLH Sportster 883 motorcycle. The raffle raised over $21,000 which will be split equally between the two causes. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets or helped to promote the fundraiser. The winning ticket was drawn during the 26th IML contest on 30th May 2004 in Chicago. The winner was David Kloss (IML 1979)!

Colour photo of Harley Davidson motorbike

There are still ways you can show your support. The LA&M needs your donations of leather "stuff". Don't assume that someone else is saving the things you're storing, instead send an email to
Make sure YOUR leather history is preserved.

Also of interest, The Spanner Trust is conducting a research project aimed at gathering information on the extent to which injury of any sort occurs during sex. The survey only takes a few moments to complete and is anonymous. If you would like to take part in this research please click here.

Yours in leather,

John Pendal
International Mr Leather 2003

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