Life After IML - November 2006

John hanging from the ceiling in a rope sleepsack, next to the rigger who is looking very happy with his work

Oct 28th 2006 - Hanging around during escapology practice. The rigger next to me is MRK.
Photo credit: Ian Gurnhill

Since my last column I've visited Chicago for a Hellfire Club weekend, which was a lot of fun. I've also had a chance to try upside down escapes in escapology practice for the first time - with some success. I managed to cope with the blood rushing to my head, but I definitely need to work on my abdominal muscles!

One of the projects I supported during my IML year was Magnet, a health centre located in San Francisco's Castro district. I wanted to know how they've been getting on, so I emailed Magnet's Community Organizer, Kevin Roe, for an update:

Have fun, look after yourselves and the people you play with.

Best wishes,

John Pendal
International Mr Leather 2003

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