Life After IML - December 2009

John sitting in a glass cube, looking up at the camera

November 2009 - in the glass bottomed Skydeck in Chicago, 103 storeys high.

Since my last column I've flown to Chicago for a Chicago Hellfire Club weekend, which was a lot of fun. I also attended Club RUT's first birthday at The Hoist London, which was another great event.

Dave and I wish you all a happy holiday time and a peaceful New Year. If you're looking for a gift for a kinky friend, why not put money towards a registration package for one of the following events? Here's a list of some SM educational weekends running in the first four months of 2010. (If you know of any others please email me at SMevents (at)

January 2010

Held in San Francisco, California, USA
from January 16th to 17th 2010, 10am to 6pm both days

"Two day rope bondage intensive course, covering both top and bottom skills in an focused environment. All genders and orientations welcome as long as you are aged 18 or over. Skill prerequisite: Be able to tie your shoe laces! Novice friendly. More experienced students will receive harder challenges. Cost $350 (USD) solo, $600 (USD) pair."
Held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
on Sunday January 17th 2010 and

Two workshops will run on Saturday afternoon between 2pm and 6pm. Doors open at 1.30pm. Entry is $10 and restricted to people aged 19 or over. Sir Dart will present Naughty Knotty: An Introduction to Basic Rope Bondage and Mistress Victoria Windsor will present Tasty Whipped Topping: Whips and Floggers for Beginners.
Held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA
from January 22nd to 24th 2010

"Intensify leather, sex, and spirit with more than 500 leatherfolk from around the world. Over two-dozen stellar workshops, demos and discussion groups are scheduled throughout the weekend. Other tempting activities include the rollicking bootblack lounge, cigars and port, a hospitality suite, cocktail parties, vendor market and both on-site and off-site play parties."

February 2010

Held in Detroit, Michigan, USA
from February 5th to 7th 2010

"This will be Leather Institute for Education (LIFE) Detroit's sixth annual DARK Weekend. We're looking at 7 presenters giving nine presentations over Friday and Saturday, with a closing keynote presentation on Sunday. We average attendance of approximately 150-200 people for the weekend from newcomers to seasoned veterans; men, women, transgendered, couples, gay and straight."

Looking down past John's shiny boots, through the glass floor to the ground 103 storeys below

November 2009 - yes, I did look down 103 storeys to the ground!

Held in Providence, Rhode Island, USA
from February 12th to 14th 2010

"At the last count there will be approximately 20 presenters giving 40 workshops. We average between 2,700 and 3,500 people attending. The event is a pansexual event. Mainly straight but has something for everyone, gay, lesbian, trans - all are welcome. Don't forget the HUGE vendor market with over 100 companies present!"

Held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
from February 12th to 14th 2010

"Lupercalia is a pansexual event with the majority of attendees being straight. We're Canada's largest annual BDSM/ Leather conference. In addition to the workshops on Saturday and Sunday we also have a toga party on Friday night, play parties Saturday and Sunday night and the popular awards brunch on Sunday morning. Returning this year is the always popular Iron Dom competition. All are included in the ticket price."

March 2010

Held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
in March 2010

"This group is designed for experienced BDSM players who want to learn something new and is not for beginners. The March workshop will be on Play Piercing."

Held in Chicago, Illinois, USA
from March 12th to 14th 2010

"An annual pansexual BDSM Leather Event now in its 6th year, featuring 18 presenters from all over the world teaching 36 classes over a 3 day weekend in a 4 star luxury hotel. Also includes a fetish theater, vendor market, meet & mingle lounge, free health screening and 2 spectacular play parties in four world class dungeons."
(I'll be attending this event as one of the presenters.)

Several glass cabinets of colourful cakes and pastries - the kind you would see in any bakery

November 2009 - I never thought I'd find an entirely gluten free bakery full of normal looking cakes and pastries, but Rose's Bakery in Evanston, IL is the real thing.

Held in Portland, Oregon, USA
from March 19th to 21st 2010

"The Portland Leather Alliance (PLA) proudly presents its 12th annual KinkFest. This pansexual event is attended by up to 1,000 attendees and features over 30 vendors, 24 workshops and two spectacular evening play parties in our 15,000 square foot dungeon. This year, KinkFest features exclusive use of the host hotel for the duration of the event, special hotel rates for attendees, free shuttle to and from the Portland International Airport, kinky speed dating, entertainment, surprises and plenty of kinky fun!"

April 2010

Held in New York, USA
from April 10th to 11th 2010, noon to 8pm both days

"Two day rope bondage intensive course, covering both top and bottom skills in an focused environment. All genders and orientations welcome as long as you are aged 18 or over. Skill prerequisite: Be able to tie your shoe laces! Novice friendly. More experienced students will receive harder challenges. Cost $350 (USD) solo, $600 (USD) pair."

Held in San Francisco, California, USA
from April 15th to 18th 2010

"650 people attended IMsL last year and we're expecting more in 2010. Our event is focused on ALL types of Leatherwomen and EVERYONE who loves them. It's a trans-inclusive mix, heavy on dykes and gay men but a good number of bi-sexual and heterosexual folks attend, too. Workshops and presenters will be announced soon on our website."

Held in Cleveland, Ohio, USA
from April 22nd to 25th 2010

"The 9th annual CLAW features parties, banquets, vending, auctions, and entertainment. We plan to have between 10 to 15 presenters giving over a dozen workshops on an array of BDSM topics starting Friday afternoon running through to Saturday evening. The weekend concludes with a leather variety show. CLAW is 100% non-profit and has donated over $200,000 to charity. It's a pansexual event, but most of the attendees are gay men."

Held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
from April 23rd to 25th 2010

"Beyond Leather is a national pansexual event held over three days. With 60+ educational workshops from new skills all the way to hard core edge play, over 30 well known national presenters, 8700 sq feet on site dungeon space, exciting vendors, 5 gourmet meals, 4 theaters, all in a 4-star upscale hotel, how can you not join this fun time?"

Held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
from April 23rd to 25th 2010

"The title of this year's event is "Transformation" and around 13 presenters will be giving 22 classes over the weekend. Although we are an all gay male group, the event will be open to all that want to learn more: gay, bi, transgendered and straight. We usually have about 100 people to attend. We like to keep it small so that we don't loose the intimacy of the event."
(I attended this event as a presenter in 2008.)

Held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
from April 30th to May 2nd 2010

"Tribal Fire will have our usual fare of world-class vendors, renowned presenters, hands-on seminars and classes, nightly dungeon parties, always unpredictable fetish gala and the Mr & Ms Great Plains Olympus contest. We will also be hosting the NLA-International Annual General Meeting on Sunday, May 2nd."
(I attended this event as a presenter in 2009.)

Have fun, look after yourselves and the people you play with.

Best wishes,

John Pendal
International Mr Leather 2003

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