Life After IML - March 2010

Sorry for the long time between updates. I lost my job back in January and it's been difficult to find the motivation to keep writing. Despite that, a lot has been going on so here's a recap of the last few months:

January 2010

John standing in full leather interviewing Rex, in full rubber and on all fours, on stage at the Hoist.

John meeting Rex on stage
Photo credit: Dave Harris

Saturday 23rd January - was the master of ceremonies for the Mr Hoist 2010 contest. There were 9 contestants who each had a couple of minutes on stage to impress a packed club with their good looks, humour and fetish wear. The winner was decided by everyone present placing their vote into numbered boxes, and after a short break to count the contents the top 4 places were announced. 4th place was Orlando, 3rd place a rubberpup called Rex, 2nd place Stuart and the winner was Marco de Brute. Chris Jepson's photo gallery from the evening is at
Steven, Mr Hoist 2009, and Marco, Mr Hoist 2010, both wearing their sashes

Steven Dwyer (Mr Hoist 2009) and Marco (Mr Hoist 2010)
Photo credit: Dave Harris

Seven leathermen stand together onstage with Chester in the middle

Chester Munro (centre) meeting six other Mr Chicago Leather winners
Photo credit: Chuck Goes

Thursday 28th January - flew to Chicago to host the Mr Chicago Leather 2010 contest at Touché. This was my 7th consecutive year as the master of ceremonies, and the weekend was as much fun as ever. Friday night included a meet and greet for the judges and contestants at 10pm, and roast for the outgoing Mr Chicago Leather at midnight. On Saturday the contestants were interviewed by the judges in private during the afternoon and the main contest ran at Touché from 10pm to 12.30pm, when Chester Munro was announced as the winner.

The theme of the contest was "celebrating the sex", and as part of the show four members of the audience volunteered to represent porn stars, sex workers, sex researchers and STD clinic staff so that the crowd could show their appreciation for the work these groups do for our community. Chuck Goes' galleries from the weekend are at and

February 2010

Saturday 20th February - after ten sessions my tattoo was finished at SKUNX in Islington. I'm really proud of it but had no idea when we began the project that it would take a year to complete. For more about Skunx go to

In February I also had a lot of time to update my guide to London's Leather, Bear and SM Scene. If you're visiting London it's worth a look:

John's left arm with a colourful tattoo from elbow to collar bone. The design includes lots of rope, a wax seal and a big padlock.

Finished tattoo
Photo credit: Dave Harris

March 2010

Lots of symmetrical concrete walkings sprouting from a central set of lifts.
SINSations hotel atrium (no photos allowed inside the event itself)
Thursday 11th March - returned to Chicago to teach a couple of workshops at SINSations, a pansexual SM educational event held at a 4-star hotel near to O'Hare airport. It was my first time there and I was really impressed. 20 presenters gave 36 presentations over three days. TPAN (Test Positive Aware Network) were on-site offering free screening for STDs and HIV, the Friday and Saturday night play parties had a great atmosphere, and the events raise a lot of money for good causes. For more information visit (The same team also runs Kinky Kollege in October:

Good news for eight men from the Atlanta Eagle in Georgia who were charged by police following a raid in September last year. On March 11th an Atlanta judge found three defendants not guilty and charges against the other five were dismissed. A civil suit against the police is still proceeding, brought by victims of the raid which was by all reports, extremely heavy handed. For more information please go to the official website:

Have fun, look after yourselves and the people you play with.

Best wishes,

John Pendal
International Mr Leather 2003

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