Life After IML - June 2005

John's back and Robert's laughing face
Getting a big hug from Robert Davolt, Sept 2003
Photo credit: Dave Harris

Two big events affected my life in May. The first was the death of a close friend, Robert Davolt, only a few weeks after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The second was the 27th annual International Mr Leather contest weekend, which included a memorial service for Robert. I was honoured to be asked to speak at the service, and this is what I said:

Robert and Joe's reflection in a mirror at their home
Robert and Joe at their home in San Francisco, Sept 2003
Photo credit: Dave Harris
Robert looking delighted at having sold all his books that weekend
Robert at the Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend, April 2004
Photo credit: John Pendal

John at the podium at Robert's memorial service
Speaking at Robert's memorial service, May 2005
Photo credit: Dave Harris

So if Robert's opinions and HUGE volume of postings online annoyed you, relax, he's not around to challenge you any longer.

But if you thought his presence was a good thing, whether you agreed with him or not, please support the Leather Archives and Museum any way that you can, and the next time you buy a drink remember to tip your bartender.

In Loving Memory


27th June 1958 - 16th May 2005

John Pendal
International Mr Leather 2003

(P.S. Click here to read Michael Egdes' winning speech from this year's IML contest.)

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