Life After IML - July 2005

John hugging his partner, Dave
With Dave at the end of Navy Pier, Chicago. May 2005

Thank you to everyone who contacted Dave and me after the London bombings on July 7. We're both fine. Dave cycled to work on the day of the attacks and I was at home taking antibiotics for a chest infection (now cured).

UPDATE: July 21 - More attempted bombs today, this time one of them was at the train station near where we live. Fortunately it didn't go off and Dave and I were both at work at the time. Thanks again to everyone who got in touch.

One of the highlights of my IML year was attending SM workshops run by Kansas City Leather University (KCLU). My first encounter was in Kansas City, Missouri in September 2003, when I was helping to judge the Mr Dixie Belle Leather contest. That same weekend I saw "puppy play" for the first time and learned what happens when I drink more vodka than is good for me!! The next time we met was in Tulsa, Oklahoma in March 2004 during the Tulsa Mr Leather weekend. Another fun afternoon, this time outdoors in hot sunshine.

Each year I choose five organisations to support and I'm proud to add KCLU to my list this year. Zack Marquardt was one of my IML class in 2003 and is also a Headmaster and co-founder of KCLU. He kindly agreed to be interviewed for this column.

UPDATE: Dec '05 - Since the column was written KCLU organised a pub crawl to raise money for the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project. In one evening we raised $1000 and had a lot of fun along the way. I joined in and can remember most of it...

Best wishes,

John Pendal
International Mr Leather 2003

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