Life After IML - October 2006

John talking into a microphone in a crowded bar

Thurs 17th August - Introducing myself to the crowd at The Other Side bar, Wichita.
Photo credit: boy jess

Apologies that this column hasn't been updated for a while. In August I flew to Wichita for Leather Camp, which was a fun weekend and very well organised. Unfortunately it was held just one week after a terrorist alert which meant you couldn't take food or drink on planes and hand luggage was restricted to a bare minimum. I ended up being re-routed via Memphis and arrived at the event without any luggage at all! Despite that I had a wonderful time and would definitely like to return.

In September Dave and I moved back home, which had been rebuilt during the summer (click here for a photo mid-project). We've been unpacking boxes ever since but it's good to be home.

I've also been attending events for the Spanner Trust and Backlash, which is campaigning against the UK Government's plans to "criminalise possession of extreme pornography". Plus I've been continuing escapology. The only problem is that the people who tie me up are getting better at it - so sometimes I can't get out and then it's pretty humiliating.

I'm always on the lookout for projects and organisations which are increasing the number of people participating in the leather community. One of these is the Chicago Leather Kennel Club, so I spoke to member Doug O'Keeffe, to find out more:

Have fun, look after yourselves and the people you play with.

Best wishes,

John Pendal
International Mr Leather 2003

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