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I've been writing as a hobby since the age of 8. I sold my first short scripts at 18, worked for a touring theatre company for 8 years and reached the final of NBC's Employee writing competition in 1997 (yes, that NBC - the American TV network which broadcast "Friends" and "ER").

I've had articles published a variety of magazines, including EURO BEAR (vol 4 no 22), INSTIGATOR (issues 10 and 12), MACH 21 (issue 1) and TUG (issue 007). There are also in-depth interviews in FORUM (vol 41 no 9 & vol 41 no 10), and the LESBIAN AND GAY PSYCHOILOGY REVIEW (vol 6 no 3).


"HARNESS" COLUMNS FOR BEEFYBOYZ - In July 2003 I was invited to join the contributors writing columns for the magazine section of the www.beefyboyz.com and they've been archived here:

CLOSING KEYNOTE SPEECH FOR THE 11TH LEATHER LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE - A transcript of the speech as delivered on Sunday 22nd April 2007 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


INTERVIEW FOR THE LONDON FETISH SCENE WEBSITE about the Spanner Trust. January 2006 (pdf file)

STEP-DOWN SPEECH FOR THE 26TH IML CONTEST - A year after winning the contest I returned to IML for my step-down. Here is a transcript of what I said on 30 May 2004 at the Congress Theatre in Chicago. It's been lightly edited for taste and decency. If you want to know what I actually said ... well, you should have been there.

WINNING SPEECH FOR THE 25TH IML CONTEST - The 20 finalists had to write and deliver a 90 second speech as part of the 2003 "International Mr Leather" contest. A few people have asked for a transcript of what I said, so here it is.


ESCAPE FROM FUNDAMENTALISM - Before I realised I was gay I spent seven years in a fundamentalist religion. This essay explains how I got sucked in and kicked out.

HOW I SURVIVED BACTERIAL MENINGITIS - when I was 25 I had a headache that wouldn't go away. It turned out to be bacterial meningitis and I was lucky to survive. I'm okay now but I lost a lot of memory - so if I can't remember your name I have a good excuse, okay?!

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